Valium Addiction

What is Valium Addiction?

Valium is a benzodiazepine drug that is most often prescribed for anxiety and panic attacks. It was—and still is—prescribed widely as a sedative, and has gotten the nickname “mother’s little helper.” Unfortunately, because of the loose and ready manner in which it is prescribed, millions of people now use valium and substances like it in a non-medicinal fashion.


morphine2People under the influence of valium can appear lethargic and uncoordinated. They often develop short-term memory problems, dizziness, and blurred vision as well. Over time, chronic valium abusers will suffer from mood swings, tremors, and a loss of inhibitions.

Valium addicts become detached from their families and have trouble keeping relationships. Sometimes abusers entertain suicidal thoughts, and kill themselves. People dependent on the drug and the sense of well-being it gives will constantly be craving more, and do anything they can to get it.


Valium is a difficult drug to escape from. Even missing a dose can bring about panic attacks and depression. Even longer, and the addiction starts doing physical harm, like tremors, muscle spasms, nausea, and heart attacks. Some users may even develop a condition where the brain is in a constant state of seizure activity.

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