Substance Abuse Counsellor

What is a Substance Abuse Counsellor?

It’s very difficult for an addict to recover from their addiction alone. Most people don’t have the willpower to fight the temptation, and there may be a physical dependency threatening the patient’s health. Substance abuse counsellors exist to help keep patients and their families motivated and on track to beating the addiction.

This is some of what a counsellor does:

Identify addictive behaviour. The counsellor’s first step is establishing that there is a problem, and identifying the behaviour that trigger it.

Manage addictions. Once the nature of the addiction has been identified, the counsellor helps the patient control their addiction in a safe and sustainable manner. The counsellor may offer alternative activities, give rewards, or provide encouragement. Whatever works.

Help family members. Addicts aren’t the only ones affected by their illness. Their families need counselling as well, and often need to actively participate in any recovery programs the patients needs to undergo.

Support patients. Addiction can have serious effects on a person’s life. In addition to their family relationships, a counsellor may need to provide advice and support in dealing with a patient’s job obligations, or need financial advice.

Refer professionals. One of the most important services a substance abuse counsellor can provide is linking patients up with certified medical professionals and therapists.

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