Rehab Programs

Drug addiction is difficult to face alone. There are many factors working against you. Physical dependence forces your body to crave the drug, and harms you with withdrawal symptoms if you stop. Psychological addiction tricks your mind into thinking it needs more of the drug, and makes you weak against temptation. Even the environment can work against you, if you’re always in situations or places with access to drugs.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Dedicated drug rehab programs can help you fight your addiction using proven and effective methods.


Depending on the type of drug addiction, you may be put on a detoxification system meant to purge the drug from your system. Some detox programs taper your drug use in progressively smaller amounts, eventually reducing your intake to zero. Others substitute your drug for another, less harmful substitute to help ease you out of addiction entirely.


Psychological therapy sessions help you fight the compulsion to take drugs and give you tools to cope with the temptations you encounter in the outside world.

Support Groups

There are many support groups composed of recovered addicts and psychiatric professionals who can help you stay on the healthy path, even long after you complete the formal rehab programs.

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