Ontario Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction to Codeine can ruin your plans for a long and healthy life with friends and family. When you’re looking for that special one on one attention that will help you on the road to recovery, getting together with a sober coach can make all the difference. These are the folks that have been through addiction just like you and we have them here at our Ontario addiction treatment services.

Drug Rehab Clinic in Ontario

Of course your family and friends will want to see you succeed when you enter our drug rehab clinic in Ontario. We know addiction can be a matter of life and death and that’s why we have a team of dedicated professionals on staff that are ready to help you. Credibility isn’t an issue with us either as we belong to a number of organizations that are dedicated to helping people get and stay sober.

Addiction Counselling Ontario

Our recovery services cover prescription drugs like Dilaudid and even the common street drugs like Ecstasy. As your addiction counselling Ontario centre of choice, we make it our business to get you the help you need. Our excellent relapse prevention program works wonders.

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