Medical Detox

Medical Detox

Getting away from a drug addiction isn’t as simple as wanting to quit. Drug users, especially frequent or long-time users, need to purge the substances from their systems and reduce their drug dependency before they can move on to the next stage of recovery. The best way to do that is through medical detox programs.

Most centres offer some form of medical detox, which varies on a per-drug basis. Heroin, for examples, requires a different detox program from marijuana. Different techniques that can be tested:


Tapering involves reducing the dosage of an abused substance until the person is no longer physically dependent on it. This process is gradual to ensure that there is as little discomfort as possible for the patient.

Drug Replacement Therapy

Certain drugs like heroin will be treated by substituting it for another substance. This replacement substance will be similar to the original drug to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms, but less addictive to make it easier to taper off.

Pharmacological Support

As patients go through the medical detox process, they will experience a range of withdrawal symptoms depending on the drug they’re addicted to. Rehab centres can prescribe medicines to patients to treat these symptoms and ease their discomfort.

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