Ketamine Addiction

What is Ketamine Addiction?

Ketamine is an anesthetic normally used by veterinarians and pediatricians. It comes in white powder, liquid, or tablet formats. Ketamine is most often used in dance clubs and rave parties, mainly for its psychological and hallucinatory effects.


ketamine2Ketamine is a dissociative drug, which makes the user feel disconnected from their body and that they’re floating. It also magnifies whatever emotional state the user is currently experiencing. Happy users experience euphoria, but anxious or depressed users have a “bad trip” that’s disturbing and hallucinatory.

A Ketamine “trip” lasts for around two hours. Increasing the dose doesn’t lengthen the effects, but it does intensify the experience. Tolerance develops quickly and, in chronic users, can even become permanent. Permanent tolerance means that a user can never experience Ketamine’s dissociative effects again.


Unlike other drugs, Ketamine is not physically addictive. Regular users start to associate Ketamine with pleasurable experiences, and develop a psychological addiction to the drug. Withdrawal symptoms are mainly emotional, such as depression, anxiety, and irritability.

The most significant physical complication from extended Ketamine use is called “Ketamine bladder syndrome.” Affected users suffer from incontinence and ulcers in the bladder. This condition requires ongoing treatment, even after they stop taking Ketamine.

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