Ecstasy Addiction

What is Ecstasy Addiction?

MDMA, also known as Ecstasy, Hug, Kleenex, or X-TC, is a drug most commonly used in nightclubs and “rave” parties. This pill gives users heightened emotional states of happiness, love, and relaxation. It also decreases appetite and the need for sleep, which makes it especially attractive for college students.

Addiction Symptoms

ecstasy1The truly addictive part of using Ecstasy is the emotional state it triggers. However, frequent use increases tolerance very quickly, and regular users can’t achieve the same novelty and potency of experiencing it for the first time.

The first sign that Ecstasy addiction is starting to set in is when a user gets preoccupied thinking about how they can get more. This obsession turns into a compulsion, and they’re soon unable to control their Ecstasy use. Soon, it starts to consume every part of their lives, including work, everyday activities, and personal relationship.
Negative Effects

Long-term Ecstasy use usually results in mood swings, short-term memory loss, insomnia, and inattention. Since Ecstasy suppresses appetites, a user ’s health and weight may be severely impacted. The lack of sleep can make them prone to many common illnesses. Brain damage from long-term Ecstasy use can impair memory functions and affect behavioural changes.

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