Drug Intervention

Drug addiction isn’t just a physical illness. It’s psychological as well. Many people suffering from substance abuse aren’t even aware how bad their problem is—or that they have one at all. Neither are they aware of how badly their actions are hurting the people around them. Interventions are meant to address that.

What’s a drug intervention?

A drug intervention is a process that helps addicts recognize the gravity of their problem. Interventions can be conducted by people close to the addict, like family or friends, or by professional counselors who bring the addict’s loved ones in for support.


As a person becomes addicted to a drug, their definition of right and wrong changes. Illegal and immoral behavior becomes tolerable, or even acceptable, as long as it satisfies their cravings. They may also start socializing with people with similar points of view. This makes it harder for the addict to get the proper perspective on his actions.

Addicts might feel cornered during an intervention and put up resistance. They may evade the question, deny that they’re doing anything wrong or even become angry.

Intervention Tips

If see that a loved one requires an intervention, act immediately. Don’t become an enabler and allow the addict to pursue his habit. You are hurting them more by allowing the condition to continue.

Be as caring and supportive as possible without giving in to their addiction-driven behavior. Remember that the goal is for the addict to realize that he has a problem, and that he should get help.

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