Alcohol Addiction

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is the uncontrollable compulsion to consume alcoholic beverages. It can be very damaging to the drinker, both in terms of health and relationships. The American Medical Association considers alcohol addiction a disease, and like a disease it does very real harm to a drinker’s body.


Many things can lead to alcohol addiction, but most often it’s the combination of many factors that drives someone to drink.

alcohol2Here are some of the factors that may drive alcohol addiction:

Psychological or emotional stress. To the drinker, alcohol might provide relief from anxiety, depression, or stress. Alcohol numbs the mind of the drinker, who uses it as a coping strategy for his problems.

Social. Peer pressure can lead a person to drink more alcohol than he’s initially comfortable with. This is especially prevalent in certain age and ethnic groups, where the risks of alcohol addiction are misunderstood or disregarded.


Brain damage from alcohol addiction can cause memory problems, personality disorders, and functional impairment. Liver failure is also a common result.

Alcoholics also experience more social problems, since alcoholism impairs judgement and social skills. Not only that, but society generally condemns people suffering from alcohol addiction, who may find themselves being ostracised as a result of their affliction.

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