Alberta Addiction Treatment Services

Morphine can ruin the life of an addict without the treatment you can get from our Alberta addiction treatment services. There is even an online recovery program offered for members of the addicts family so they can get some help coming to terms with all the different ways this disease can ravage the addict and those around them. Remember that we don’t believe in substituting one drug for another to help you get off any substance. Why not take a look at what our holistic approach can accomplish today?

Drug Rehab Clinic in Alberta

People need to know what makes our drug rehab clinic in Alberta different. There are a variety of answers but at the top are the methods we use to negate opium addiction and substance abuse surrounding other opiates. The on-site doctors we provide allow our clients to feel they’ve made the right choice. Getting people clean and sober and teaching them how to stay that way is our number one priority.

Addiction Counselling Alberta

A full team of qualified addiction counselling Alberta experts is what’s waiting for you. Get to the bottom of the issues that forced you to methadone abuse with our one on one sessions or in group therapy.

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