Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a serious illness that ruins lives if left unchecked. Thankfully, there are multiple addiction treatment methods and programs available that can help people recover and get their lives back on track.


This is the first step to recovery. In a detoxification program, medical professionals reduce a patient’s drug intake in a slow, gradual manner. This helps prevent the body from going into too much shock and minimizing the withdrawal symptoms as much as possible. Patients are under constant supervision to monitor progress and ensure they don’t relapse.

Pharmacological Treatments

Additional drugs may be administered during the detox process for two reasons:

First, the drug being treated may trigger dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Medication may be prescribed to treat these symptoms and ease the patient’s discomfort.

Second, the detox treatment might substitute the real substance for something safer and less likely to cause addiction, like methadone. The patient then reduces their use of the substitute drug until they are completely recovered.

Psychological Treatments

Most treatment centres use proven psychological techniques to help the patient fight addiction. These include therapy methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy and contingency management.

Support groups help patients stay on the right path long after they finish the treatment program. Groups made up of family members, friends, and other recovered addicts can help motivate patients to stay clean.

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