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Addictions 911 is where your suffering from addiction ends. You can start on the road to recovery whether you’re in Toronto, Calgary or Edmonton in one of the monitored medical detox facilities that we provide. Remember that it doesn’t matter whether your drug of choice is Alcohol, Cocaine or Ketamine, we have the medical personnel on staff that are fully licensed and experienced. These are folks that will be with you every step of the way as you withdrawal and you’ll be carefully watched and monitored so they can take the right measures if they need to.

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At Addictions 911, our counsellors all have the best educations and keep up with the latest news and innovation in the addiction field. There are group and one on one sessions available in our addiction treatment centers that are extremely helpful when it comes to flagging triggers that if left untreated can send you back to relapse.

At Addictions 911 we have made it our business to look after the recovery process from beginning to end and our Drug Abuse Hotline is staffed with experts that understand your suffering and are always ready to help. Regardless of the substances you’ve found an issue with and no matter how far down the scale of addiction you’ve fallen, we are ready to start helping you turn your life around today.



With the help and care of the trusted staff at Addictions 911, I finally had the courage to face the demons inside me and find a special person I had forgotten that lived inside of me.


Addictions 911 provides a safe environment with nice rooms and great access to therapists, doctors, and nurses. This facility will surely provide you with the support to detox from substances, eat healthy meals and begin to learn the art of dealing with life.

– Carol

The Addictions 911 program was unlike anything I expected or had gone through before in other programs. I actually started looking forward to classes and feeling myself getting stronger and stronger; all because of the care and support I got from the doctors and staff. Thank you for changing my life.

– Will